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NCC 2022 for Victoria

NCC 2022 for Victoria

From 1 May 2024, the energy efficiency requirements from NCC 2022 are coming into effect for Victoria. The new residential energy efficiency provisions apply to houses and other low rise multiple dwelling projects (Class 1 buildings) and apartment buildings (Class 2 sole-occupancy units and Class 4 parts of buildings). The benchmark for sustainable homes is increasing as the changes aim to reduce the energy consumptions and emissions of our homes.

For Class 2 and 4 buildings, the average NatHERS rating is now 7 Stars (previously 6 Stars), and individual dwellings is not less than 6 Stars (previously 5 Stars). It also includes the introduction of the Whole-of-Home assessment, requiring homes to have a minimum rating of 60 out of 100, and 50 out of 100 for apartments. This assessment takes into account household appliances, heating and cooling services, lighting, and pools.

NCC 2022 also introduces multiple pathways to demonstrate compliance for dwellings: the familiar NatHERS assessment; Deemed To Satisfy assessment; and J1V5 Verification using a reference building for Class 2 sole-occupancy unit.

At erbas™ SUSTAIN, our team have been applying the new NCC 2022 requirements to NSW projects since last year and have insights into the practical implications these changes have on new designs. We are also progressing on comparing the design outcomes that the different pathways yield.

In addition, there are new requirements for the design of solar PV and electrical vehicle charging infrastructures, which also impacts other Classes of buildings including commercial. This has a flow on effect on structural and fire engineering implications, as well as spatial requirements.

Contact our experienced team to find out more about how NCC 2022 impacts your projects.

Photo by Ussama Azam on Unsplash

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