The erbas™ brand mark features two intersecting orange rings, representing our working philosophy with our clients. We believe that ‘We’re in it together’. This means that we are not happy until our clients are. Every project is important to us and for over 25 years we have been focused on growing our business through this philosophy of shared responsibility.

Our logo represents erbas™ now and in to the future. Whilst our philosophy hasn’t changed that much, the way we work has changed. We’re now more nimble, more flexible and more adaptable. But we’re still collaborative, diligent and experienced. Our new brand identity is a reflection of our brand values; Integrity, Progressive, Care and Accountability.


 Our brand identity is a reflection of our brand values:

  • Integrity – we always act with integrity toward our clients, our partners and our staff
  • We’re Accountable – we take our responsibility on each project seriously. We’re committed to making each project the best it can be
  • We’re Progressive – we use new technology and trends to enhance ideas for our clients
  • We Care – We take the time to understand every person; we value their thoughts and ideas