Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process whereby information is added to architectural, structural and building services documentation over and above that which has been traditionally associated with standard 2D documentation. erbas™ are currently BIM LOD300 ready.

As an important part of the transformation of the building services industry over the last few years, erbas™ collaborate with architects, contractors and, most importantly, with their clients.

Although BIM is generally considered to constitute the production of 3D documentation, it can also incorporate 4D (time), 5D (cost) and 6D (facility management). Each aspect can be built into the deliverable to give the client a complete and comprehensive model which will facilitate the design, construction and ongoing management of their facility.

Producing a project that satisfies the requirements of BIM involves the production of a fully co-ordinated model of the project which will incorporate aspects of the building fabric (by the architect), the structural components (by the structural consultant) and the building services themselves (by consultants such as erbas™). This ensures that, at each stage of the design process, every aspect of the model is fully co-ordinated in real time.

This results in higher quality documentation, better communication between all parties and a realistic presentation to the client. Walk-throughs of the virtual building will come to be a standard method of presentation to indicate the design intent and will facilitate risk management, analysis and approval. The fact that a design can be seen to have been fully co-ordinated before construction work even begins also results in a huge reduction in on site delays and variations with a considerable consequential cost saving to the client.

The market has spoken and erbas™ have invested heavily in the necessary software, hardware, personnel and ongoing training required to give us the ability to pass on the benefits of BIM to our clients. We are committed to ensuring that our company achieves and maintains a leading role in providing such a service.