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Meet our new team member

Meet our new team member

Ryan Nugent has joined the team as Associate Director - Electrical Engineer. Here he shares how he became an engineer and how he sees the future of the engineering.

How did you become an engineer? 

I started my career as an Electrician. Coming from a trade background, moving into Engineering felt a natural progression.

What excites you about electrical engineering?

The variety. The thing that excites me the most about electrical engineering is problem solving. Every client and project have a unique set of problems that need to be solved. Designing the most cost effective and practical solutions is a passion of mine.

What do you feel electrical engineering brings to a project? 

To quote an old colleague “Without building services engineers, even the most beautiful building is just a fancy cave“. Electrical engineering is vital to breathing life into buildings and making them a habitable place for people.

Any examples of your work that make you proud? 

I have been lucky in my career to have the opportunity to work on some amazing projects. Hospitals, data centres, defence, retail, infrastructure and office fit outs. My proudest projects are refurbishments of old buildings. I like being part of a team that can give old buildings a new lease of life.

What led you to work for erbas? What sets them apart?

They have an established culture, a friendly leadership team and an opportunity to help the continued growth of the company.

What is your take on the overall industry?

The industry is on the precipice of a very exciting stage. The world is on the cusp of AI changing the way we all work. It will be very interesting in the next 10 years how AI changes the traditional role of the engineer.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spending time with family, travel, hiking, cooking (and eating the results).

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