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Embodied Emission Reporting

Embodied Emission Reporting

Since October last year, building projects in NSW are required to disclose quantities of key materials and associated upfront embodied emissions, in other words; “cradle-to-gate emissions or stages A1-A3 of a building’s life cycle.” 

To facilitate this process for residential developments, the new BASIX Materials Index has been integrated with the BASIX online tool, streamlining measurement and reporting procedures.

For non-residential developments, the NABERS Embodied Emissions Tool will soon become the standard framework upon its release in mid-2024. 

In the interim, projects are required to complete a NABERS Embodied Emissions Materials Form and quantify at least 80% of the materials used, including foundations, basement retaining walls, cladding, roofing and windows.

While this data collection effort at this stage attempts to provide valuable insights to shape the final version of the tool, when embodied carbon reduction enforcements are in full force, it will be important to consider certain design principles for heating and cooling, air ventilation and insulation in parallel with material selection to satisfy these requirements. 

This is where we bring the best value for our clients. 

Our building services engineers and sustainability consultants form a collaborative team, leveraging innovative tools to create unique solutions. This combined expertise encompasses all aspects of building engineering services, ensuring a sustainable approach.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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Embodied Emission Reporting - erbas

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