Environmentally Sustainable Design

erbas™ can provide services including Greenstar and NABERS ratings and equivalent NABERS assessment, Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD), Energy Modelling and Reviews, Section J compliance reports and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies. Our team inherently provide best-practice design approaches with ESD initiatives in mind.

Green Star

A member company of the Green Building Council of Australia and with multiple Green Star Accredited Professionals on our team, erbas™ is able to guide project teams to develop an initial Green Star concept target and provide advice to the project team from schematic design to construction completion on the certification process and documentation requirements.

Through working on multiple projects targeting Green Star ratings, our service engineers have also developed an holistic understanding of the requirements of a Green Star submission.

erbas™ are also capable of delivering the range of short reports required of Green Star submissions such as Daylight, External Views, PMV, Air Change Effectiveness (ACE) and Energy modeling reports.


erbas™ have experience compiling NABERS assessments for Office buildings and providing advice to design teams to achieve a specified predicted NABERS rating, or advice to building managers on recommendations to implement in order to upgrade an existing building to achieve a certain NABERS rating. We can also produce Commercial Building Disclosures (CBD).

Energy Modeling / Efficiency Reviews and Daylight Modelling

erbas™ are proficient at modeling energy consumption for new buildings, and auditing the energy consumption of existing buildings. Our ESD and building services teams work together to review new building designs and refurbishments and to identify energy savings opportunities to integrate into new building designs or to retrofit to existing buildings, to reduce energy consumption and costs. Our combined ESD and services experience enables us to make sensible cost-effective recommendations.

NCC/BCA Section J ‘Energy Efficiency’

erbas™ has extensive experience assessing NCC/BCA Section J compliance for building fabric, glazing and all services. We work together with our clients to deliver compliant building solutions using both deemed-to-satisfy provisions, and where these do not produce satisfactory solutions erbas™ are proficient at Verification Method JV3 modeling.

CFD Modeling

erbas™ has experience in delivering computational fluid dynamic studies (CFD) for natural ventilation studies to assess the viability of providing natural ventilation, and air change effectiveness studies to demonstrate compliance with Green Star Indoor Environment Quality credits.