William Angliss Tram Cafe

The unique barista training café at the William Angliss Institute Melbourne, designed by Gray Puksand, was built inside a retired Victorian Heritage W-class tram carriage, which was refurbished by Bendigo Tramways.


Gray Puksand

erbas™ SUSTAIN’s brief was to ensure the tram café achieved energy efficiency compliance. The main challenge was maintaining the key design objective of the tram café being an adaptive reuse of an existing tram to showcase its heritage to the public. This meant the restoration and refurbishment works required minimal modifications to its cosmetic appearance.

The team completed this via a hybrid of NCC performance methods / JV3 simulations, expert opinion, and lifecycle carbon analysis. erbas™ SUSTAIN’s modelling provided the estimations on potential savings of greenhouse gas emissions that resulted from the reuse of manufactured material instead of manufacturing a new tram or constructing a new standard café of the same internal area.

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