The new facility will include a new library, regional arts gallery and youth and community centre, integrated with the existing pool, parks and outdoor recreation facilities at Granville Memorial Park. This project includes demolition of existing structures and the connection of the new building with the existing swimming pool facility. There will be new landscaping and outdoor facilities as well as additional car parking.

The art exhibition hall has been designed to provide active humidity control within strict parameters to ensure the longevity of artwork stored and displayed on the premises. The significant variations in sensible and latent loads caused by fluctuating occupancy and associated outside air flows, presented unique challenges with respect to the narrow range of acceptable internal conditions. The adopted solution achieves the desired outcome via the use of “CRAC” or “precision climate control” units with inbuilt ultrasonic humidifiers and reheat elements. Indirect evaporative coolers were also implemented to efficiently precool fresh air in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner.

Construction budget: $25 million.