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Lindfield Wins Master Builders Association Award

Lindfield Wins Master Builders Association Award

At erbas™, we take immense pride in our dedication to excellence and commitment to innovative engineering solutions. We are thrilled to announce a major achievement in our ongoing collaboration with Hindmarsh Constructions at the incredible Lindfield Learning Village. Our work as services engineers in Stage 2 of this ground breaking project has reached a significant milestone.

Lindfield Learning Village stands as a testament to reimagining education spaces, offering a dynamic and modern learning environment for students. The project's adaptive reuse approach, led by Hindmarsh Constructions, has been nothing short of exceptional. The $70M  project reconfigured the ex-Lindfield UTS site into a new K-12 School. The seven levels have been transformed while also preserving the existing Brutalist building.

This year, Hindmarsh Constructions was honoured with the prestigious Master Builders Association (MBA) Award for Excellence in Adaptive Reuse. It is a recognition that reflects their outstanding contributions to the construction industry and their commitment to sustainable, forward-thinking projects.

erbas™ is proud to have played a significant role in this achievement, providing state-of-the-art services engineering solutions that ensure Lindfield Learning Village is at the forefront of educational infrastructure innovation.

As services engineers, our role in Lindfield Learning Village has been instrumental in creating a learning space that's energy-efficient, technologically advanced, and environmentally responsible. We believe in not only meeting but exceeding the highest industry standards.

We extend our gratitude to Hindmarsh Constructions for their outstanding partnership, and we look forward to achieving further milestones together. Lindfield Learning Village is a project that reflects our shared commitment to creating spaces that inspire learning and innovation.

Learn more about the Lindfield Learning Village project.

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